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Proposed Tokens: 4,400,000 CUB

Pre ICO Sales: 100,000 CUB

ICO Sales: 576,700 CUB

“The evolution of money from Barter system to plastic money is history! Today we see the world needs fast, reliable and secured means of payment. The CRYPTO Currency has answered the world’s need effectively.”

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“CUBIYAN the future of crypto currency, better than the best digital currency!"

"CUBIYAN is developed on multiple settlement currencies both FIAT and CRYPTO via international acquiring solution. Our design is based on smart contract - block chain technology, powered by WWW.CUBICBLOCK.COM. Instead of using traditional methods to attract capital, Initial Coin Offering – ICO is employed, by issuing pre-launch tokens at a discounted price."

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SHA256 + POW, Mining, Trading!

CUBIYAN's 5,000,000/21,000,000
Crypto Mining 40:60
Token Sales 676,700/5,000,000


Cubiyan with better market approach, make it not necessary to market or advertise your tokens. We are here to innovate new ways of selling.


CUBIYAN tokens can be used to trade other cyrpto currency and their value will totally be corresponded with the capitalisation of the company!


CUBIYAN is your future of crypto currency! Ones efforts for expanding CUBIYAN will be rewarded with unseen bonuses and get new opportunities!


CUBIYAN is offered at great discounts when you buy the same goods in the same shops! No fees for conversion! You can pay in any currency!


CUBIYAN is one of the powerful open source digital currency backed by reserves of Bitcoin and Ethereum. CUBIYAN is a customised and upgraded open source has compared to the Bitcoin or Ethereum protocols.
Our intent is to expand, experiment, and build onto the BLOCKCHAIN technology in a manner open to all for participation. Through the support of the community and the hard work of CUBIYAN lead developers, we have believed in Script which has headed for years now.
We are convinced, BLOCKCHAIN technology can speed up development of co-participation economics that is currently solving the sphere's problems by attracting a significant number of previously unclaimed people. Safe system based on BLOCKCHAIN technology is protected against unauthorized access. Users can convert fiat money to any crypto currencies and tokens, as well as spend crypto currency with the help of prepaid card, mobile applications with contactless payments and many more to be added including ecommerce payment B2B, B2C and also money transfers.

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PRE ICO – 2nd October 2017

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ICO – 10th December, 2017

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E-Payment – 5th March, 2018

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Money transfer – 7th June, 2018

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